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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go for the "better" solutions, not just the "best" solutions

How do we get to be the “best?” How do we get to be “THE” premier law enforcement agency in the nation? We get there through continuous, gradual improvements you can make after reviewing and updating processes. This can range from things as simple as organizing the trunk of your patrol car, or learning ways to organize your emails, to large department wide initiatives such as Intelligence Led Policing, such as the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) projects. When making things “better”, it’s natural to try and make the process the absolute “best,” all at one time. But sometimes the “best” solution may rely on long term, strategic solutions or involve resources outside of our immediate control. These solutions can sometimes take months or years to put into action. This is the point where enthusiasm and reality collide. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t keep from trying to make a process “better” just because the “best” solution is not immediately attainable. Remember, a little better is still better. Put the easy fixes in place today, all the while keeping your sights on the long term goals that coincide with being the “best.” Continuous improvement is after all ... continuous.

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