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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Manchester Police..."Leans" to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office for best practices

Emma Jeffcock, a researcher with the Greater Manchester Police Department, Manchester, England, is conducting research in the United States related to "Lean" in law enforcement. Emma will be in the U.S. for six months visiting various agencies that are incorporating "Lean" methodology as a part of their business practices. According to Emma, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is a role model for other agencies trying to implement "Lean."  Shown in the picture above is Emma Jeffcock, left, and Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff John Rutherford, right. Sheriff Rutherford presented Emma with his signature, "Riding for the Brand" coin. The coin is given to those who give to the community by upholding the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office core values of Worthy of Trust, Respect for Others, Community Focused, and Always Improving. Sheriff Rutherford is the first known head of a law enforcement agency to implement 'Lean"

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